Danny Blue

"Throughout Danny's career, he has been featured in many television programs and documentaries not only in the U.K but Australia, Scandinavia, and most of Europe. In 1995 Danny was asked to play a comedian in the Greek Blockbuster movie -"The Love Path" for Olympic Films. An outrageous comedian, British politician (The Monster Raving Loony Party) with a flair for magic and an entrepreneurial who excels at media relations . Danny has been banned from Chicago, denounced by British parliament, and threatened with his life in Australia all while raising money for charity and becoming the focus of hundreds of newspaper articles and dozens of radio and TV interviews with his outrageous sport of "Dwarf-throwing competions during the nineteen-eighties. Danny rattles off joke after joke, one liner after one liner for his attentive audience. Moving from subject to subject, race to race his coolness belies the tangential state of topics….. Sex, Race, Gender, The wife, the mother-in-law, police and just about every subject is covered that would offend the politically correct of this planet. After leaving school, Danny served HMS Excellent, Beales the Butchers and a Unigate milkman, played drum's in various bands where he earned sod all. He then proceeded to utilize that education by pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. Danny learnt his trade by fronting his world infamous act “The Oddballs” well known for appearing totally naked apart from a couple of balloons and the odd sock.